23 July 2014

Instagram Updates Stale Photo Filters With New ‘Tweaking’ Tools

After 18 months and plenty of user feedback, Instagram rolls out a major upgrade that allows users to tweak the wildly popular, though growing stale, existing filters.

And, seriously, it’s about time.

It’s kind of amazing to think that the Instagram sensation is less than 2 years old. In that short span of time, the photo finishing app has come to rule the universe and, in their last upgrade just a few months ago, the company added video tool in an attempt to halt the spread of Vine, a competitor seriously crimping its style and market share.

But, two years is like a decade on the web, so, on Tuesday, Instagram rolled out 10 new filtering options that should bring back the fans and maybe add some new admirers.

That is, possibly, until they realize that this upgrade really only amounts to tweaking images with current filters on a sliding 1 to 100 grade scale.

Instagram Updates Stale Photo Filters With New

It does mean that the existing filters can be edited to an even finer degree, and that should open a whole new world of possibilities for addicted subscribers who love playing around with their images just by clicking a few buttons.

The new tools, which can be accessed by clicking on the just added Wrench icon, are Filter Strength, Adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, Saturation, Highlights, Shadows, Vignette and Sharpen.

As the official blog explains the upgrade, “You take a photo to capture a moment, but often what you see in the photograph doesn’t feel the same as what you remember. From brightening up a photo of your dinner party to better capturing the warmth of a sunset portrait, these new creative tools help you bring out and share the beauty of the moment as you remember it, right inside the same simple Instagram you already know.”

That’s a pretty shrewd move.

It looks like Instagram just bought themselves another year at the top…

Photo source: Instagram Blog

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