23 July 2014

‘Frebble’ is the Future of Long Distance Hand Holding on Skype (Video)

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Long distance lovers have enjoyed new technology for the last decade or so now that video conferencing services like Skype and Google Hangouts are so popular and easy to use. But you still can’t hold hands over the web.

Until now.

A Kickstarter campaign is trying to get a new gadget called “Frebble” funded to bring hand holding, for lovers, or just friends and family, to the Internet, adding an entirely new dimension to communicating over long distances online.

“For a granddaughter calling grandma with special news, for a husband far away from a wife, for distant grown daughters who crave the comfort of their mother’s touch, for a best friend who wants to let her friend know it will all be ok, Frebble connects – as simply, subtly and as powerfully as though the person was right there with you” promises the company behind the new product.

The elegantly designed gizmo comes in pairs (color coded even) so that the buyer can send a Frebble along to that special someone too far away for a reassuring squeeze of the hand, a simple, yet meaningful gesture in any relationship.

The device is designed to fit the hand naturally and comfortably, rather like a gear shift. When both Frebbles are active, it simulates the sensation of holding hands, especially by having the return squeeze.

It works by employing two pressure sensors at the front of the handle and two vibrating motors on the side to replicate a hand squeeze more realistically. And, just to be sure the intentions are clear, a multicolor LED will indicate a user’s connection status and, most importantly, when a squeeze is waiting.

It’s easy to see that the applications go well beyond the merely personal.

Frebble gives a whole new meaning to sealing the deal with just a handshake…

Check out this video touting Frebble’s best features:

Photo source: YouTube

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