23 July 2014

ChargeAll is the World’s Smallest Portable Power Outlet (Video)

Have you u ever had to camp out next to the trash cans in an airport because it’s the only spot that reaches the electrical outlet when you need to charge your phone? No?

Well, how about running low on battery in the middle of that life changing text message? Now we’re talking.

Imagine if you could carry an electrical wall outlet around in your pocket, then you could charge up most electronic devices, including lamps, fans, laptops and even curling irons.

Now you can, with a new device called ChargeAll which its creators state is “the world’s smallest portable power outlet.

The idea has been tried before, but never on such a small scale. ChargeAll can actually fit in a pocket or a purse and the adapters on its panel can charge any device via USB or AC. That means its usefulness goes well beyond the cell phone battery backup option.


Users will be able to power up a wide range of electrical devices making the ChargeAll a must have item for any tool kit and camper’s backpack.

The video below shows what the creators of the product are hoping for if funding on IndieGoGo meets its goal. That’s working out well, as the original target of $30,000 has been met, with the current total topping $100K – and counting with nearly two more months to go.

Contributors who invest just $99 will get the first ChargeAll units to come off the line some time in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Previously, this kind of electrical backup power has only been achieved through big, noisy and smelly generators. The ChargeAll is not as powerful (devices below 85 watts only) but it’s much more portable and it doesn’t smell like gasoline.

This new device has the potential to blow the lid off the recharger market with a unit that can power devices needed most in an emergency.

You just never know when you might need a curling iron…

Check out this launch video for the ChargeAll:

Photo source: YouTube


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