23 July 2014

Android Wear Smartwatches Go on Sale at Google Play (Video)

Android Wear smartwatches will be available for purchase on the Google Play store after June 26 and will ship in the US after July 7 announced the tech giant at the Google I/O conference on Wednesday.
Looking like a man who just rolled out of bed after a week of hot coding and cold pizza, David Singleton, Google’s director of Android Wear engineering, demonstrated the new smartwatch tech and the details of how current and future apps will be available and how to use them, in the YouTube video below, published by CBS News.
Let’s just say the world is gonna have to get used to seeing people swatting at their wrists from now on. The seamless transition from smartphone to smartwatch as a support device will prove irresistible, especially at the low price of less than $250.
Two new Android Wear smartwatches were previewed, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, with both managing to look sleek and cool, despite the inherent boxiness resulting from trying to cram too much info on a tiny touchscreen.

Photo source: Android.comSingleton shows the intuitive, easy access design of the gadgets, with a range of different ways to navigate, include swiping, pinching and tapping. Press and Hold will reveal more advanced functions and, the “Dismiss” feature is probably about to enter the lexicon.
The main function of the new devices and apps seems to be as an augmentation of a user’s existing Android smartphone, allowing the simpler tasks to be performed with a swipe of the hand and, literally, with the touch of a button.
The new Android Wear smartwatches still suffer from looking a bit ungainly, however, which is to be expected. The trend in smartphones to get bigger is not likely to be reflected in this new technology. Expect these smartwatches to get a lot smaller (and, naturally, smarter) as the year progresses.
Some may even decide to hold off for a bit, until upgrades and improvements appear in the future of this new, already robust market.
But, don’t count on it…
Here’s the video:
Photo source: YouTube

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